Family Law

Family Law

In Texas, family law covers issues that affect the family. In other words, it’s more than just divorces. While divorces make up a large part of any family law practice, it is other areas like custody, possession and visitation of children as well as financial support that can be just as daunting.  It is during these difficult times that emotions and fear can take effect which can impair a person from taking the necessary legal steps to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Our law firm is dedicated in helping clients with their family law needs whether it involves assisting a person through the divorce process in obtaining an equitable division of marital assets and debts, handling cases involving child custody, support and visitation, establishment of paternity as well as adoption and termination cases.

Our highly trained attorneys are available by telephone or an in office free consultation to answer any questions that you may have.  Do not hesitate – CALL TODAY.

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