3 Crucial Things to Consider Before Getting a Divorce

Filing for divorce is a serious decision that should not be underestimated. Therefore, there are several things to consider before you jump into the process. For example, you might want to find an advisor for your children, or consult with a financial planner or tax advisor to make plans for your future. In any situation, make sure you consider all options before starting the divorce process. At Davis, Ermis & Roberts P.C. in Arlington, TX our team understands just how important it can be to make the right decisions at the right time when it comes to handling a divorce.

Deciding to file for divorce is a large, life-changing decision that can affect the lives of everyone in your family. Before leaping into the process during a moment of frustration, it is always a good idea to spend some time thinking about your current situation, and ask yourself whether or not you are fully prepared for the consequences of going through with the decision. Even if you are fully committed to the idea of a divorce, it is still important to think about certain questions so you can avoid unexpected problems or stumbling blocks along the way.

Think About a Legal Separation First

Divorce is not the best choice for everyone, especially if you and your partner hope to reconcile your differences at some point in the future. Couples can legally divide their finances and assets so that they can live apart without ending a marriage completely. Sometimes this time apart can go a long way towards saving a marriage. In other cases, it acts as a sign of divorce. Regardless of the results, it might be useful to check this option.

There are also other reasons why couples want to choose legal separation without thinking about possible reconciliation. If you rely on your partner for health insurance, marriage can help you get this medical benefit. Some people also choose legal separation due to other religious or personal reasons.

Gather Important Documents

If you want a divorce, you still need to consider what needs to be done before the formal process begins. Divorce is more than an emotional decision. This is a legal termination of marriage and often requires a lot of time, energy and money. Collect relevant documents as soon as possible to follow the process. Make copies of taxes, income statements, deeds of ownership, marriage certificates, birth certificates, settlement documents, investments, pension funds, and other important documents. Discuss with your divorce lawyer what you need to prepare for your divorce.

Divorce cases rely heavily on documentation. Your bills, telephone records, mortgages, and notes may be relevant to divorce. As far as possible, gather all the documents you need in your case before filing for divorce. If you and your spouse have a shared filing system at home, make copies of everything before meeting your lawyer. It is also advisable to keep a record of the online accounts that you share. Not all couples respond well to their divorce, and some couples find it difficult to access documents once you have applied. Save potential headaches in the future by sending your documents first.

Spend Time Thinking About the Children

If children are involved, it means that other lives in your life are at risk. Your divorce is not just your divorce. You must consider it a divorce for your entire family.

Difficult questions need to be asked, such as:

  • Who cares for the children every day?
  • Who cares for the children when they are sick?
  • Which parent will be the primary caregiver?
  • Which parent will be responsible for insurance?
  • Where will vacations and summers be spent?

Apart from these questions about daily life, you will have other very difficult questions, including:

  • How children of divorced parents feel?
  • Do your children understand the concept of divorce?
  • Are your kids angry about the divorce?
  • Will the children benefit from therapy to help them cope?

Along with these questions, it is almost certain your children have their own questions to ask, and you will need to plan on taking the time to answer them effectively.

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