3 Good Reasons to Hire an Attorney for Bail Bonds

If you or a loved one is ever arrested and put in jail, making bail will probably be your first priority. That’s understandable; no one wants to be in jail for very long. But take a moment to consider all the ways you could benefit from first hiring an attorney. Arrests can be stressful and traumatic incidents, and you might not be able to slow down and think logically about your rights while you’re upset. That’s why you need an experienced team like Davis, Ermis and Roberts, P.C. at your side.

We’ve been providing criminal defense services for 35 years, including representation of individuals who are trying to make bail. We understand that there’s a difference between being accused of a crime and being convicted of that crime. We also believe no one should ever have to plead guilty to a crime they didn’t commit just because they can’t afford legal representation.

Our dedicated team works hard to make sure you are being treated fairly and legally by the justice system. We use our expertise to help lower your court costs and craft an effective defense strategy. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire an attorney before you bond out of jail.


1). They Know if Your Rights are Being Violated

You are entitled to certain rights while making bail. Every American has a constitutional right to freedom from excessive bail. An attorney will know the customary bail amount for the crime you’ve been accused of. If your bail amount is excessively high, they can call for a bail reduction hearing to lower the amount.

Texas law gives attorneys the right to post bail for a client if they are registered as that client’s defense attorney. Having a lawyer bail you out is beneficial in many ways. They can advise you of your rights, be present during questionings, and possibly get you a discount with the bail bondsman you choose.

2). They Have Connections in the Justice System

Criminal defense attorneys know the courts in their area. They know the prosecutors and their tendencies, their temperaments, and whether they are likely to aggressively pursue a case or offer a plea deal. Lawyers also know the judges and whether they are likely to be lenient or harsh in their sentencing. Forearmed with this knowledge, they know what needs to be done to craft a winning defense.

3). They Can Save You Money

Besides filing for a bail reduction hearing that could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, attorneys might be able to persuade a judge to release you on your personal recognizance. This is known as a PR bond. You don’t have to pay money for this type of bond, but you do have to promise to appear at your court hearings. PR bonds are typically reserved for people with no criminal history who have been charged with a small crime and are considered to be low flight risks.

Lawyers can also save you money on your bail bond. Many bail bond companies offer discounts if you come to them by way of a lawyer referral. Instead of the standard 10% upfront charge for your bond, you could get a 20-30% discount because you have an attorney representing you.

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