Can You Get Visitation Rights for a Non-Biological Child?

Being a non-biological parent can be challenging, especially if you and your partner separate. You might develop a bond with the child and will want to stay in touch with them. But is this even possible? Can you get visitation rights if you are not a biological parent? 

Non-Biological Parent

As a non-biological parent, you may not be related to the child by blood, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be a parent. You can still legally become a parent of the child through adoption and gain full legal custody. But the question here is whether you will be able to get visitation rights, and the answer is — it depends on the situation.

Can You Get a Visitation Right ?

The short answer is yes. It is possible for non-biological parents to get visitation rights. Furthermore, you can request that the court grant you full parental rights if you have been (or have acted as) the parent from the birth of the child. 

The same thing applies to non-biological parents that have developed a strong bond with the child over time they spent together. But all of that applies to those that have a relationship with the child or are looking to become a legal guardian. If you have been given full parental rights, you will have a say when it comes to visitation rights. The situation is identical to that of a biological father or mother who is a legal parent. 

But what happens if you and your partner separate, and you want to stay in touch with your step-child? Any person that cares about the interests of the child can apply for parenting orders. And that includes visitation rights as well. 

If there are no problems between the couple, a visitation order is something a non-biological parent will get with ease. There are many things that can factor into the decision of the court. For example, the relationship between the couple, whether the parent-child relationship is healthy, are both partners looking to get child custody, and so on. 

It can be challenging for non-biological parents to get custody of the child. Moreover, if you want to visit the child, it needs to be approved by the biological parent. Unless the biological parent is unfit to make the decision. 

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