Assault & Family Violence


Assault and family violence are too common, in the United States and the great state of Texas as well. According to the Texas Council on Family Violence, one in three of our residents will experience domestic violence in their lifetimes. That’s made all the more troubling by the fact it’s committed by and toward the people who are supposed to be the closest to us. 

At Davis, Ermis & Roberts, P.C., we’ve defended both sides of the issue. We’ve helped individuals with legitimate fears for their lives, and we’ve defended the falsely accused who want nothing more than to provide a stable life for their children. 


Domestic disturbances may take place on a single day inside of a single hour or two. Or even just a few minutes. But the ramifications can be far-reaching and actually alter the course of one’s life. Every accusation, whether true or not, poses a series of emotional and legal challenges as well as repercussions. Let’s examine each one. 

They can damage your reputation, hurting your employability, business, or community involvement efforts. They can impair the quality of your life. If the charge is serious enough (and provable), you may even experience jail time. But if you do manage to stay out of jail, the very accusation can follow you wherever you go in life.

Family violence can place your children under a larger microscope at a time in their lives when they’re not physically, mentally, or emotionally prepared to handle it. It could get authorities involved, shake up their living arrangements, and leave psychological scars that take years to heal (if they ever do). It also can affect other family relationships for the worst


We can help you develop a legal strategy that protects your rights and interests. And if you’ve been falsely accused, we can help mount a strong defense and not allow the allegations to go unchecked. Regardless of where you factor in, you need Davis, Ermis & Roberts, PC, fighting on your behalf.  

When we take on a client, we work closely and compassionately with them to get to the heart of the matter. What’s the truth behind what happened? Details become crucial. 

  • When did the incident occur? 
  • Was a report drafted?
  • Was there an arrest made? 
  • What type of abuse is being alleged? 
  • Did the incident require medical attention? 
  • Were there witnesses? 
  • What tangible evidence is available (i.e., photos, marks, etc.)? 
  • Were any children living in the place-of-incident, and, if so, where were they at the time the incident is alleged to have occurred? 

We live these cases alongside our clients, and we can help you devise the best legal strategy no matter the charges.  


If you’re concerned or scared about the specter of family violence and assault allegations, you need someone on your side who’s already successfully dealt with these situations time after time. Davis, Ermis & Roberts, PC, is that “someone,” and we’ll do the same for you. Give us a call or reach out online today to start developing your legal strategy.