Facing Domestic Violence Charges in Texas? We’ll Defend Your Rights

As a defendant, you have the right to be represented in court by a defense attorney to ensure you’re treated in a way that’s fair and constitutional. If you’re facing domestic violence charges, our talented defense attorneys at Davis, Ermis and Roberts can help. We’ll put together the most effective defense and make sure you receive fair treatment in court. Here’s what you need to know about domestic violence charges and how they can be handled in court.

Types of Domestic Violence Charges

The state of Texas recognizes an assault charge as domestic violence if it’s committed against a family or household member, or someone who has dated the offender at any time. The three types of domestic violence charges are domestic assault, aggravated domestic assault, and continuous violence against the family. Domestic assault means the offender intentionally caused or threatened bodily injury to another person, or provoked/touched another person in a way that is considered threatening or offensive. Aggravated domestic assault occurs when the offender causes serious bodily injury to another person, or when the offender uses a deadly weapon to injure or threaten injury to another person. Continuous violence against the family is when the offender commits two acts of domestic assault within the same year.

Deferred Adjudication and Community Supervision

Deferred adjudication or community supervision are the best outcomes for a defendant facing a domestic violence charge. Deferred adjudication means sentencing will be postponed. If the defendant complies with the terms of probation, exhibits good behavior, and doesn’t get any more charges, the case will be dismissed. If the offender doesn’t comply with the terms of bail, they will be convicted and sentenced.

If the defendant is found guilty, they can be sentenced to community supervision, also known as probation, instead of prison time. The convict can receive up to two years probation for a misdemeanor and up to 10 years for a felony, and they can still be sentenced to a short stay in jail before their probation begins. Jail time can usually reach 30 days for a misdemeanor and 180 days for a felony.

Good Representation

When facing domestic assault charges, it’s extremely important to be represented well in court. A talented legal team at your side can go far, but it’s up to you to choose how you present yourself. We advise good hygiene, formal attire, and a respectful attitude when speaking to the judge and the court.

Defend Your Rights with Davis, Ermis and Roberts

If you’re facing domestic assault charges, you have the right to be represented by an attorney of your choosing. At Davis, Ermis and Roberts, we do everything we can to represent you well and get you the best possible outcome in your trial. We’ll work extensively with you to form a strong defense, and we’ll make sure all your constitutional rights are protected in and out of the courtroom. Call or visit our website today to get in touch with a talented attorney.