How COVID-19 is affecting divorce proceedings

Just because things have been closed down doesn’t mean that divorce rates have slowed down. Divorces are still being filed and resolved during the pandemic in Texas. Mediators and lawyers are trying to settle cases. It does take more time to obtain hearing dates in Texas as criminal trials have priority, and safety precautions are being taken before cases can be heard. Many cases are being heard virtually instead of in-person.

Hiring an attorney

An attorney can also listen to your situation and give you honest advice about whether or not you need to hire an attorney. Legally you do not have to have a lawyer to represent you in a divorce. If your marriage has children or a significant amount of property or debts you should hire an attorney. Family law attorneys help their clients on the subjects that matter most. They understand and specialize in family law. Interview and talk to several attorneys to learn which one understands your situation and that you feel comfortable with. 


You still start your case by filing for divorce, just like before Covid. Filing for divorce is not something that can be done as quickly and easily as you might think. An attorney that specializes in family law can help you navigate the filing of your divorce to avoid potential problems and make decisions that are in your best interest and those of your children. Once you hire the attorney they will take care of filing for you. 

Virtual Divorce Hearings

Most divorce hearings and negotiations are being handled virtually. In-person hearings can help settlements and help confront spouses who aren’t credible. Virtual trials can make it difficult to see the people testifying for or against a client. With Zoom, you can’t see if a client is being coached through text messages or in some other technical way. 

Custody and Support During Covid

Modifications have been necessary because children are staying home more (during school hours and after school hours). There are some pros and cons of raising children during a pandemic:

  • It can be challenging to obtain daycare services during the pandemic.
  • It’s not always easy for parents to exchange their children due to safety concerns.
  • Many parents need to stay home to monitor their child’s remote learning.

Davis, Ermis & Roberts, P.C.

While there may be some added difficulties because of Covid, associated with closed courts and backlogs, the filing process itself should be pretty straightforward- especially if you have an experienced Texas family law attorney by your side.

To make it through this process during Covid, you need an experienced attorney who can guide you through each of these difficult issues in a way that minimizes conflict and helps you deal with the unavoidable factors. Davis, Ermis & Roberts, P.C., has many years of experience helping people like you do just that! Contact us today to learn how we can help you survive—and thrive—during and after your divorce.