How to Choose the Right Bankruptcy Attorney

If you’re struggling with debt and considering bankruptcy, the biggest question in your mind is probably “Which bankruptcy lawyer should I choose?” It’s one of the most important decisions to make – filing bankruptcy will have a significant impact on your life. Bankruptcy law is very complex, with many twists and turns, and traps for the unwary. If you need to file bankruptcy, choosing the right lawyer is critical.

Choosing a bankruptcy lawyer is essentially a two-step process: Begin by finding and vetting likely candidates. Complete the mission by interviewing the handful that meet your criteria, then retain the one that feels the most compatible.

The internet abounds with websites that help with finding and vetting, but old-fashioned methods are useful. Ask neighbors. Ask friends and relatives. (Yes, you have to swallow your pride.) Perhaps there are lawyers on your homeowner’s association board. Ask all of them for recommendations.

They should walk you through ALL your options.

Filing for bankruptcy isn’t always your only option. A bankruptcy lawyer who is invested in helping you regain financial stability and security will walk you through other options that may be applicable. If bankruptcy is the best option, your lawyer will help you decide which bankruptcy filing is best for your situation.

The purpose of bankruptcy is to give people a fresh start, and a good attorney will help you figure out how to make that happen. Renewing and rebuilding your financial security is very important.

How many years have they done bankruptcy law?

Many lawyers advertise years and years of experience. The question you need to ask is “How many years have you been doing primarily bankruptcy law?” Generally, the more years, the better. For example, full time for 10 years is much better than full time for a month or even a year.

How many bankruptcy cases have they filed?

You want the best bankruptcy lawyer available. In most cases, the more cases a lawyer has filed, the more experience the lawyer brings to the table. The more expertise a lawyer brings to the table, the better the result, benefit and protection you and your family will get.

They Help You Understand the Credit Repercussions

It’s impossible to avoid credit repercussions when you file for bankruptcy. That’s why we are happy to discuss all of your options in detail before moving forward. But something you should know is that bankruptcy won’t damage your credit viability forever, and you can begin rebuilding your reputation with creditors almost immediately after discharge or entering into a structured repayment settlement.

Davis, Ermis, and Roberts: Walking DFW Through the Bankruptcy Process

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