Legal Problems Caused by Covid-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has created new challenges in all scopes of life. Couples quarantining together for long periods of time without healthy outlets are starting to fight. Both new and well-established companies are struggling to stay open and in the black as they adhere to public safety guidelines. Many non-essential employees are experiencing ongoing layoffs, and face foreclosure because they can\’t pay their mortgages. Most people consider the obvious effects Covid-19 has on health, work, and social activities. However, it can also spell out legal trouble. 


Small businesses everywhere are struggling due to Covid-19. Even large and successful businesses like Hertz, JCPenney, Pier 1, and Neiman Marcus filed for bankruptcy due to extreme financial losses. Three of these company\’s headquarters are located in Texas. Texas is experiencing the highest rate of Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing in the nation. In the first five months of the pandemic, the number of filings doubled. 

Texas also ranks for the sixth-most personal bankruptcies in the nation. The government gave taxpayers a total of $1,800 to live on amid mass closures and layoffs, which wasn’t enough for many to stay afloat. While filing for bankruptcy alleviates some debt, individuals may face low credit scores and may still be liable for certain debts. 


Many people are defaulting on their mortgages because of lost income. A lot of states have moratoriums to prevent eviction and protect those struggling to find work during the pandemic. However, as those expire people out of work are facing homelessness. 


The Coronavirus has impacted many elements of immigration law. One of the biggest issues is for those who obtain work visas, but are out of work due to their employer’s financial losses. Highly skilled people with an H-1B visa either must find a new job in their field or face deportation. Employees who were furloughed soon discovered they were to be fired because being furloughed isn’t allowed under the conditions of many visas. 

Personal Injury

An uptick in personal injury cases is to be expected due to the lack of adherence to social distancing and mask mandates. A personal injury case can be brought against anyone who brought on damages due to negligence. 

Medical Law

There may be a rise in medical malpractice cases post-pandemic. A lot of health providers have started holding appointments over the web, which could lead to a misdiagnosis in some cases. Also, during the height of the pandemic hospitals were overrun with sick people, and it’s possible they made errors. If any patients bring lawsuits and prove they didn’t receive the accepted standard of care doctors and hospitals may be liable. 

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