If Your Ex Does Any Of These Things in Texas You Have a Case For Full Custody

Is your child’s mom or dad an unfit parent? You may have a case to have your child removed from their care if you live in Arlington, TX. Ultimately, when a judge approves a custody agreement, it’s based on what’s good for the child. However, if your ex’s behavior is putting your child’s physical, emotional, or developmental wellbeing at risk– you have a case for full custody. In Texas, if a parent is neglectful or abusive towards your child they can be deemed unfit. Likewise, if they abandon the child or voluntarily relinquish their parental rights, you can become your child’s sole legal guardian. Custody disputes in Arlington can be devastating for both 

Child Abandonment Texas

Texas takes child abandonment seriously. If you don’t leave proper provisions for your child or leave them in an unsafe environment, you may even face criminal charges. However, the standard procedure in Texas is that if you don’t interact with or support your child for six months the state will determine that you have abandoned your child.  


Parents can be neglectful whether it’s intentional or not. In Texas, parents must keep their children safe and provide basic necessities like healthcare, food, and shelter. Not having basics such as these can negatively impact children so Texas is strict about enforcing these guidelines. For example, if your child is seriously hurt and needs stitches you must take them to a doctor. If you don’t, you may save money on the hospital bill but their wound could become infected requiring hospitalization or surgery, you could face child neglect charges and lose custody. Now, neglect can come in many forms that you may not have considered. 

  • Physical– Your child needs to have all of their needs met. This means they should be kept clean, fed, taken to their checkups, and they should be appropriately clothed based on the weather. You may also face child neglect accusations if you leave your child with someone who physically or emotionally abuses them. If you start noticing changes in your child, it’s your job to get to the bottom of it and remove them from unsafe situations. 
  • Educational– This is one element of neglect that most people don’t consider. In the United States, children must be given an education. If you consistently don’t get your child to school, the courts will find someone who will. This may be your child’s other parent or a foster parent. Educational neglect primarily surrounds truancy. However, if you homeschool your child, you must also be careful to meet state guidelines. 

Termination of Parental Rights

In some cases, a parent will voluntarily relinquish custody. This may be for the benefit of the child or because they don’t want to contribute to parenting the child. Regardless, this is one of the quickest ways for a parent to get full custody of a child. For this to be legal, and not considered child abandonment, the parent wanting to terminate their parental rights should consult an Arlington family law attorney.

Criminal History

A conviction may lead to the court terminating your custody rights for several reasons. First, the crime you committed could illuminate behaviors that a child shouldn’t be exposed to. For example, drug charges or violent offenses could put you on the fast track to losing custody in Texas. Likewise, if you must serve jail time, your children will need to be put under the care of someone who can supervise and care for them. Again, this could be their other parent or a legal guardian. 

Davis, Ermis & Roberts– Arlington Lawyer for Child Custody

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