Texas Awaits the Approval of House Bill 1927: Permitless Carry of a Handgun

2021 is not all doom and gloom, as there is some good news coming out of Texas for people who enjoy their legal right to self-defense. Namely, on May 5, the Senate passed Texas House Bill 1927. This bill removes the requirements for Texas residents to have a permit to be able to carry a handgun. With countless arguments on both sides, we’ll briefly look into what this legislature means and whom it will affect.

Controversies Surrounding House Bill 1927

With an 82:62 approval vote in the House, the Senate passed a new version of House Bill 1927. It is now very much likely that Governor Abbott will soon sign one of the strongest Second Amendment legislation in American history. 

In his eyes, the bill will help Texans exercise their legal right to self-defense, as law-abiding residents will no longer need a license to carry a handgun like before. However, this is if the state or federal law hasn’t already prevented them from possessing one for other reasons.

Opponents of the bill suggest that it will make it harder for law enforcement to keep criminals and mentally unstable people from committing crimes. It will also affect the prosecutors in Texas handling such crimes in court.  With a long-lasting debate in the American public about gun safety, this bill will surely raise even more eyebrows. Also, HB 1927 comes not long after the tragic mass shooting events in El Paso and Odessa. This makes it even more controversial.

Focal Points of House Bill 1927

Before approving the bill, the Senate established certain amendments to appease those law enforcement groups that are opposed to carrying guns without a permit. The text of the compromise is now released. We can see that the bill keeps several changes intact that the Senate made. The main one is the problem of how such constitutional carry can endanger the law enforcement community. The initial draft kept police officers from questioning people for having a handgun. However, this wasn’t approved. The most recent draft of House Bill 1927 still allows authorities to ask this question.

In addition, the newer version of the bill still upholds strict penalties for those carrying a gun when charged. It allows the prosecution to increase a criminal penalty for a felon who was caught carrying. The court can charge these individuals with second-degree penalties that include a minimal prison sentence of five years. Lastly, the Department of Public Safety in Texas will keep their free gun-safety courses online.

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