Texas was Ground Zero for Lethal Injections and Leads the Country in Death Executions

Texas has zero-tolerance for murder. If found guilty, you will face severe consequences, even if you didn’t commit the crime yourself. The death penalty is authorized in 27 states, although Texas leads the pack with the highest number of executions in the country. The state has executed nearly four times as many people as Virginia, the runner-up. There have been 569 executions in Texas since 1976 when capital punishment was reinstated in the United States. Texas was the first state to use lethal injections, executing Charles Brooks in 1982. If you are accused of murder, being an accomplice, or aiding and abetting odds are you will face a hefty punishment or even death in some circumstances. Davis, Ermis, & Roberts, P.C. will give you the quality legal representation you deserve and put up a fight to reduce your punishment or even discharge the case.

What Constitues the Death Penalty?

If you are found guilty of a capital felony, you may be subject to death by lethal injections in Texas. A capital felony is when an individual intentionally or knowingly causes the death of another. Some felonies that constitute capital punishment include the murder of a correctional officer, a judge, a child under the age of six, a public safety officer, or a firefighter. Other felonies that may lead to the death penalty are committing multiple murders, murdering someone during a robbery, kidnapping, assault, or murdering someone while trying to escape from prison. You may receive the death penalty once you turn 18.

Texas’ “Law of Parties”

The “Law of Parties” states that you can be held criminally liable for the actions of others if you were there with them. This law only exists in Texas. If you are present when someone commits the crimes listed above, you can be charged, and may also receive the death penalty. This is true even if you didn’t physically kill anyone. There are exceptions, such as not being complicit or not knowing that the person is about to kill. To prove this you need a great defense, and the attorneys at Davis, Emerse, & Roberts, P.C. can help. 

Biased or Unfair Convictions

Imagine being at the center of a robbery and a gun is forced into your hands by the murderer as he takes off. You can hear the sirens just yards away and you’re in a state of shock. You are arrested for a capital felony even though you were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe you look like the suspect and law enforcement mistakes you for the perpetrator. There are numerous implications that could lead to an unjust arrest. Unfortunately, the state’s judicial system will not rest until someone is punished for committing the crime. Sometimes this means innocent people are left on death row for years, and some even lose their lives. 

Trusted Arlington Defense Attorneys  

If you have been convicted of a capital felony contact us today. We offer exceptional criminal defense services, as well as defense in other common areas. Our attorneys will really listen, advocate for you, and do what it takes to help you avoid lethal injections. Here at Davis, Ermis, & Roberts, P.C. we believe that everyone deserves high-quality legal representation. Give us a call so we can be your voice in this harsh and sometimes unfair system. We will strategize a plan to ensure you aren’t charged with a crime you didn’t commit or punished in a way that doesn’t fit your crime.