The Legal Lowdown on Adoption

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The decision to bring a child into your life is one of the most important decisions you can ever make. Deciding to adopt is a kind, generous decision that will forever change the lives of your family members and the life of the adopted child. Adoption in Texas can be a confusing process, and all of the steps and paperwork can seem overwhelming. That’s why we are going to take a look at the legal process of adoption, step by step.

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The Requirements

In Texas, prospective adoptive parents may be single or married, and must:

  • Be 21 Years of Age. The state wants to make sure all adoptive parents are mature, responsible, and financially secure.
  • Complete an Application. Davis, Ermis & Roberts, P.C. can assist you with filling out the appropriate application form.
  • Agree to be Interviewed. Parents who wish to adopt should anticipate being asked about their background and lifestyle.
  • Provide References. The references must come from family and non-family members.
  • Participate in a Home Study. This part of the process is often the most stressful, but it is necessary to make sure you can provide a home environment that is stable and safe for children. Every adult living in the house must be interviewed and pass a background check for criminal history, abuse or neglect charges.
  • Attend Free Training. This training educates parents on the special needs of abused and neglected children. It is free of charge.

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As stated above, adoptive parents may be single or married individuals. If they are married, their spouse must fully take part in the adoption process and be subjected to the normal screening requirements. Both parties should also be prepared to present proof of their marriage. Single adoptive parents should provide proof of divorce, if applicable.

Ultimately, state laws are constantly changing, and legislation can have an effect on any individual. Contact our office for any questions or details about Texas adoption requirements.

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The Process

Adoption is a necessarily complicated process. Judges want to make sure that adoption is in the child’s best interest, so a large amount of information must be received about the adoptive parents. With that information comes a huge amount of paperwork.

Davis, Ermis & Roberts, P.C. will be here for you through every step of the adoption. We have all the forms, we show up to court dates, and we explain everything in a way you can understand. You will never have to feel like you’re alone while waiting to adopt.


The Choice is Yours

Parents choose to adopt for many reasons. The most important reason is love—Davis, Ermis & Roberts, P.C. knows that. If you’ve already made the decision to welcome an adopted child into your life, we can help with all the confusing and complicated details. Think about it: wouldn’t you rather spend your time preparing for your new life with a child? Call or message us today so that we can get started on the adoption proceedings!



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