What to Expect If You’re Charged with a DWI in DFW

All over the United States, Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) cases are handled with vigor, but the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is known for being especially hard on drivers who get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Below are some of the things to expect when faced with a DWI charge in DFW, and the steps you should take after an arrest.

A DWI charge is no joke, so it’s important to have an experienced, effective legal team on your side. Davis, Ermis and Roberts has worked on many criminal cases, and we know our way around a DWI charge in Dallas-Fort Worth and all the nearby cities.

The First Steps

When someone has been pulled over under suspicion of a DWI, they will be asked to take a blood alcohol content (BAC) test. If their BAC is greater than 0.08%, they are considered to be driving under the influence, regardless of whether or not they feel “drunk”, and they will be arrested. After the booking process, it is a good idea to contact a lawyer, as DWI cases move quickly.

The DWI Trial

The first trial will be the arraignment, where the defendant is asked to make their plea. Their lawyer will discuss the circumstances of their case and their predictions on how it will be presented, and the defendant will be advised on how to proceed.

After that, another trial will take place where evidence against the defendant is presented. At Davis, Ermis and Roberts, we know that many of these cases have faulty evidence, and we work hard to strike that down to secure your freedom.

What Happens if You Get Convicted?

If the judge decides to convict a defendant on a DWI, the defendant might be expected to serve anywhere between 3 days to 180 days in jail. Defendants can also be expected to pay fines starting at $2,000 and to have their license suspended. To regain driving privileges, there are a few steps one has to go through. These include:

  • Complete the duration of assigned license suspension
  • Pay all outstanding fines
  • Complete substance abuse programs (if assigned)
  • Serve their complete jail sentence
  • Perform any required community service
  • Pay all license reinstatement fees

Davis, Ermis and Roberts: Making DWI Cases Easier in DFW

An arrest and charge for a DWI can feel like a nightmare for a defendant. Dallas-Fort Worth moves quick with these cases, as the Metroplex does not take them lightly. If you are working with an inexperienced lawyer, your DWI case could end poorly for you, so make sure your legal team can handle your case!

Davis, Ermis and Roberts has successfully defended many DWI cases, and we have the skills and experience to make sure you get a fair trial. Do not let the DFW legal system tear you apart! Contact Davis, Ermis and Roberts at (817) 265-8832 for our Tarrant County office or (972) 263-5922 for our Dallas County office. You can also visit our website to learn more about our criminal defense strategies. We offer free consultations, and we’ll always take your call!