Why Social Media Activity Can Interfere with Divorce Proceedings

hese days, almost everyone has some kind of social media presence. From posts on Facebook to comments on Twitter, or pictures on Instagram, many people are committed to making their presence known through the range of social media apps that are available today. At the same time, the reality is that not every situation in life should be posted online, and there are also certain times in life when it is better to withdraw digitally than to send the wrong message. At Davis, Ermis & Roberts, P.C. in Arlington, TX our team of experienced legal professionals has worked with residents throughout the DFW Metroplex on a variety of family law cases including divorce.

When emotions are running high, and there is a delicate legal process going on between family members, a social media post can often have unintended consequences. Even a post that was created without any ulterior motives or hidden messages has the potential to spark unexpected emotions in a viewer that could turn a simple, straightforward divorce process into a drawn-out dispute full of court dates and counter-arguments.

To help our clients, and other readers get a better understanding of why social media can be so damaging to court proceedings, including divorce, we decided to spend some time discussing the topic. A simple social media post can be perceived in different ways by different people, and when it comes to emotional legal disputes, it is sometimes better to say nothing at all, than to say something intended to be harmless that instead turns out to harm the entire process.

Perception is a Deciding Factor

If you’re the type of person who enjoys sharing yourself online, then it can be frustrating to even think about the prospect of needing to go silent on social media for any length of time. The reality is though, that even if you are just sharing a new update about your daily life, anyone watching your social media activity (especially for family) could have their own opinions about your posts. These opinions, right or wrong, can have a direct impact on the course of your divorce proceedings, and it is not unusual for a smooth process to suddenly be derailed because one person became unexpectedly emotional or frustrated in reaction to a social media post.

When emotions are worn thin, it can be especially painful for someone going through a divorce to see their former partner posting on social media. The idea that this other person is having a good time, or enjoying themselves despite the negative events taking place can make the entire process seem even more difficult than it was in the first place. The best way to avoid complicating the situation is to simply avoid posting entirely until after the divorce process has been settled.

The Potential for Additional Ammunition

In addition to giving your former partner potential emotional fuel, regular social media activity can give them unnecessary and risky insights about your personal life that you might not want. The most damaging picture they could find is one of you with a new flame. Even if it\’s nothing more than a friendship, your partner can turn it into evidence of infidelity during a divorce proceeding. This could be twisted into a case that you were not faithful during your marriage.

Concerning child custody decisions, a wide window opens where your partner can look for careless behavior if you share too much in social media applications and websites. The fact is, some actions or behaviors can be a strong indicator that a person is not in the right mindset for being a parent. Returning to the scenario where a \”night-out\” series of pictures appears on your social media feed, a cheerful and party-oriented mindset might not be viewed as appropriate when it comes to caring for children.

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